Accessories may say a lot about you; they help transform an outfit by adding that touch of personality, expressing something new, something strictly yours.

We, women, love accessories and are not able to do without them; these objects of desire are fundamental, revolutionary, surprising, and help us keeping high our bar of style as well as our mood!

Being a lover of old movies, I may list a huge number of iconic women (and not only women) of the past who have been celebrated thanks to images in which their charm, highlighted by accessories, which made them real icons.

Audrey Hepburn enchanted us wearing long black gloves, a tiara and a pearl necklace, carrying a cigarette holder; all items that added a touch of class to the “little black dress”. Could that wonderful Givenchy sheath dress look that perfect without the right jewel or bag?

Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Jane Birkin were the pioneers of this “accessories phenomenon” thanks to the bags which have become emblems of their style and are named after them. Can one think of a more flawless, desirable object than the universal bag?

Legendary accessories like Ray-Ban sunglasses bring back to the Blues Brothers movies, while ballet flats to a frowning Brigitte Bardot.

Fedora (by Borsalino), the world-bewitching hat, adorned the head of “Blue Angels” like Marlene Dietrich or unforgettable “Kids” like Charlie Chaplin.

Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant and, nowadays, Sharon Stone never forget their Louis Vuitton travel bags; details stealing the limelight from movie stars, sharing the same red carpet with celebrities. In the movie “The Darjeeling Limited”, the cult movie by Wes Anderson, the Marc Jacobs designed trunk set for Louis Vuitton is one of the main characters.

Some iconic accessories and “must have” said so much about those who wear them; it is important, however, not to let them outdo one’s personality.

In this article, I named some amazing accessories which entered the collective consciousness and proved their versatility; going beyond trends and adjusting to the historical moment, dominating fashion and becoming timeless landmarks. These pieces of a unique beauty have left their mark and keep being status symbols even today.

Some may think that behind cult accessories lies deep marketing research; in reality it is simply us, women, who decide every day whether these pieces are still able to emanate the magic they emitted when they were created, and if they’re still able to make us fall for them… just as happens with men!


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