Accessory Trends 2021: Preparing for After Lockdown!

Our fashion may be the centre attention but accessories make up the outfit. Think of it like clothes being batman and the accessories being his utility belt; neither can go without the other! Even though we are still currently sitting behind computer screens, entertaining endless zoom calls and possibly losing the motivation to be fashionable at home, why not be hopeful and prepare for the end of lock down? We have seen enough of the possible outfits we could rock after lockdown but what are we doing with our accessories? Baguette bags:
  • Firstly, the name always makes me laugh but we get more and more inventive with naming products. Baguette bags started in the 90s by Fendi but had re-emerged in 2020 and so far, is continuing to be the go-to bag for many shoppers. It is the perfect purse that goes with just about every outfit and comes in various colours. So put those tote bags down and get yourself a baguette bag. Trending or not, they always pull an outfit together.
Silver chain necklaces:
  • I started seeing chunky silver necklaces in every outfit on my Instagram explore page, so much so that I had to get one myself! And what a buy! Wear it buy itself or layer it with some silver chains. Both looks are aesthetically pleasing and accentuates the neck. It is the simplicity of it that makes this accessory so appealing and compliments any outfit rather than steal the show.
Assorted Rings:
  • Clearly we do not just layer clothes and hair any more! We have also developed that trend to include our rings. Not only do they compliment out hands, but you can also have fun playing with the layering and choosing the best structure and style of rings that fits your styles. Decide on a metal and stick with that to create a cohesive look!
Pearl clips:
  • These bring a touch of class to you outfit and are suitable for a day out, lunch or an evening dinner. Like the rings, you can layer these clips and create a chic design on your hair. If the chunky clips are too much for you, you could opt for a thinner pearl bobby pin look. They are still as chic and could be mixed and matched with a chunky clip.
Pyramid heels:
  • This design is a fresh take on heels that I never expected. They give you the ability to look good, shape your legs and simultaneously feel comfortable. Get these in either open toed square heels or suede boots and you will be adding an asset to you shoe collection. Specific colours currently in trend are Perspex, baby pink, nude and white but make it your own!
Thigh high boots:
  • Recently these boots have been paired with body con dresses and a cute baguette bag. However, these shoes are versatile and can be paired with jeans. Dressed up or down, they give a stylish look and should be added to your shoe collection.#
So which of these are you adding to your wardrobe?

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