Does the gown make the monk? Clothing can express your identity


Does your daily look and your own choice of style really express who you are? Do you like playing with clothing and expressing your creativity through your daily looks?

There is nothing like someone wearing a unique and appropriate piece of clothing!

I love seeing people having fun playing with fashion and, through it, expressing their daily mood and identity.

“To dress is to express oneself, to picture oneself and to be aware of who one really is.”

To know oneself is the first step on this path and game of style.

To look at ourselves, to understand our body and how to enhance it, to wonder who we want to be and what we want to express: All this is fundamental to enhance ourselves and reach a personal style.

“Elegance is a question of personality, more than one’s clothing”, said Jean Paul Gaultier.

It is not about economic possibilities, because buying brand-name clothes isn’t enough to be chic… Lucky for us!

Originality is something you can’t buy, but acquire when you detach from trends and images you feel don’t suit you.

There isn’t a universal recipe: everyone must find their own personal code and turn it into a look, paying attention not to conform to others.

Giorgio Armani’s lesson is that style is “having the courage of one’s choices and the courage to say no. It’s finding the new and the ingenious without falling back on extravagance.”

Being in harmony with oneself is a great help on this path. Who knows and loves themselves the way they are, also knows how to enhance what they’ve got!

Beauty also shows through the way one looks at life, through one’s grace and cheerfulness, through the charm of a smile, a clever phrase at the right time: these are all powerful weapons of seduction to be used together with ones’ outfit.

“Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance”, Yves Saint Laurent.

Elegance is that innate and mysterious something that goes beyond what you’re wearing: it is a way of living and thinking which manifests through the details and daily choices which make the difference. Elegance is innate, style can be learned… Just don’t take missteps!

Accepting faults and blemishes is as important as enhancing one’s peculiarities that matter.

A proper haircut is as useful as a make-up which hones one’s visage and skin tone.

It is trial and error: Mistakes are allowed. Whoever embraced their own personality has gradually succeeded in that.

What’s even better is that, once one has found their own style, one is allowed to wear any piece of clothing!

What about you? What is the image you want to project through your look?

If you wish to know more about style, creativity and ideal outfit, keep following me, and you’ll find advice and suggestions.

See you soon!

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