express yourself

Express yourself!

Express yourself! It is without doubt the slogan that will accompany us throughout the spring and summer season.

Express yourself to celebrate your own natural beauty.

Less is more is the on-trend cosmetic look, which really suits all women.  All the major cosmetic houses have embraced this new look, it has been seen repeatedly on recent catwalks and in fashion magazines.

Women have long awaited and wanted a make-up style that shows authenticity especially when many things around them aren’t always genuine. To be themselves and to let their beautiful shine, right now is definitely a winning pair! The modern new make-up look is natural nudes which are dynamic on the skin, with as few filters possible, applied so as to reproduce light, youthful and fresh skin.

Simple to say but hard to do, right? Then arm yourself with patience and take advantage of the effect of the primers and concealers to correct the various discolourations and imperfections without looking heavy.

Apply in a controlled manner, ideally a light coverage so the foundation is left to show glimpses of transparent skin. Lightly add touches of an iridescent product on cheekbones, forehead nose (hinting at a delicate glow effect). Be careful not to overemphasise by using too much product.

Spend time sculpting cheekbones and temples with the two superstar products of this summer: Blush and Bronzer! If you opt for powders use with careful downward strokes from the hairline to the temples for an glowing effect.

If you prefer creams apply them to the cheekbones in order to make them blend perfectly on the skin.

Finish your make up with generous coats of mascara and a wipe of lipgloss… not too glossy. Remember you’re aiming for ‘natural’.

Finally, if you want the ultimate catwalk effect dab with your fingers a few drops of essential argan oil or a transparent gloss, add carefully over the blusher and on the lower eyelid to make them shimmer. It will be like recreating that healthy glow chic effect that is often seen on the high-end catwalks and in the fashion magazines.

What’s not to like? Give it a go… And let me know how it went! Good luck!

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Alessio Giovannelli

Makeup artist &Hair Stylist. Sono cresciuto con la passione per l'arte e la pittura e questo mi ha portato a cominciare la mia carriera prima nel teatro, poi nel cinema e infine nella moda. Da anni collaboro con varie case di moda , stilisti e magazine italiani ed esteri e la mia creatività nel creare look sempre molto attuali non mi abbandona mai!

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