Foundation becomes as light as a soap bubble

With the new advances in cosmetic technology, the foundation becomes as light as a soap bubble!

There are many foundation formulas. Too many to comment on all so I will pick a few of the ones I find the most significant. Here are some my favourite ones which are suitable for different skin types.

My top personal list!

First place, undisputed king of kings, is without doubt the liquid foundation. It has plenty of benefits, a smooth silky texture, moisturising and it blends perfectly on the skin. It transforms the skin and makes it a blank canvas for the painter to paint a new story. It has various degrees of glossy or matt, oil free for mixed or greasy skins. Moisturising for dry or combination skin or to minimise wrinkles for the most mature skins.

A hard working cosmetic with that evens out complexions, it covers most imperfections, moisturises and brightens the skin, gently and effectively.

The stick foundation is the heavier variant of the previous liquid foundation and works very well for those who love the heavy and opaque make-up look. It is applied directly to the skin, it gives maximum coverage and fixed with the powder. Excellent for those who suffer from discoloration and skin problems that they want to cover.

The mineral foundation

It has very very light consistency, composed generally of very fine natural powders. Ideal for skins that do not have problems or for those who have oily skin. It gives the skin a matt and powdered appearance and if well applied it minimises open pores. It can be easily reapplied during the day with a Kabuki brush. If you apply it by moistening a larger brush you can also use it dry as a fixing power over this.

The compact foundation

This is divided into two basic types: cream or powder. Cream has a higher coverage than powder but they can be used in combination as they can complement each other. Their key feature is it undoubtedly practical, with a few  simple swipes you have a ready made base. Useful to keep with you always!

These are my favourites and your what is it?

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