LGBTQIA+ Owned Hair Salons

Looking for a new salon to fix your DIY lockdown haircuts? Or just want a fresh start? Why not support one of these amazing LGBTQIA+ owned hair salons in the UK!

1. Open Barbers – London

Photo of the inside of a barber shop, including a red barbers chair, rainbow flag garland, and a bookcase filled with books.Open Barbers, found in North London, is an inclusive hairdressers that welcomes people of all genders,  sexualities, & hair lengths. Unlike traditional hairdressers, their prices are pay-what-you-can, starting at just £2. Their speciality is a haircut experience free from the stereotypes and anxieties surrounding typical gendered hair salons. Give them a visit next time you find yourself looking for a fresh style!


2. Village Hair & Barbers – Manchester

Photo of the inside of a barber shop, including a black barbers chair, two large mirrors, black painted walls, and a window.

Village Hair & Barbers, situated in the Gay Village in Manchester, is a retro-inspired barber that believes haircuts should be determined by your own preferences, and reflect your individual style and personality. In this salon, prices are determined by the length of your hair and the service you require, rather than your gender. If you do decide to visit, maybe stop by Canal Street on the way home for a drink in one of the many queer-friendly bars!


3. Root 69 Hairdressing – Liverpool

French bulldog puppy held in front of sign that reads Root 69.

Next on our list is Root 69, an independent, non-gendered hairdressers found in Liverpool. The salon features a unisex pricing structure and even has a tattooist in the back of the shop in case you want to pick up some new ink while you’re there! They also have haircut stations away from the hubbub of the main salon, for those wanting a more quiet experience. This hidden gem is definitely worth a visit, even if just to check out the retro decor!


4. Lightning Like Scissors – Brighton

Person with long hair and beard, green eyebrows and a green streak.

Last but definitely not least, we have Lightning Like Scissors, a non-binary and gender neutral barbers in Brighton. Their website features a comprehensive hair menu organised by length rather than gender, with lots of fun extras to help you tailor your hair appointment perfectly to you. They also use 100% vegan and cruelty free hair products and dyes, which their resident pup McKenzie definitely approves!


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