Makeup for the wedding day

Makeup for the wedding day

No other makeup moment of your life will remain documented as much as your makeup for the wedding day.

Your keywords are to be beautiful, authentic and luminous.

It’s here the panic is unleashed unfortunately! Do you want to get to the altar in the best version of yourself and do not know how to choose the right look for you? Makeup for the wedding day is fundamental.

Start with photographing each new look you try and review the photos after a few days. Don’t rush your choices but take some time to decide. Recognising the right make up is a lightning strike, just like the dress of your dreams which you’ll choose. Your wedding gives you the biggest opportunity to express your style and reflect your tastes.

The main aims of the makeup for the wedding day is to: feel beautiful and be comfortable with make-up that demonstrates their personality. When this is achieved, inner and outer beauty show!

Makeup gives us innumerable options for every kind of trend, like smokey eyes, pink eyeshadow, red lips, but the undisputed fact is that the usual brides’ make-up choice par excellence remains a natural one.

But if this is not the look for you, you want something more personal, and need help deciding, find yourself a good makeup artist. In addition to recreating your perfect, long-lasting makeup look, they will easily make you feel elegant and in harmony with your personality. Remember the goal is to reflect you and since you will be the main focus on such a wonderful day, the more confident with what you wear and with your make-up the more you will exude positivity that makes you look gorgeous.

Makeup for the wedding day well done and especially for the person will be the most beautiful accessory to show.

Do not be too influenced by the traditions or the thousand tips that everyone will want to give you for the occasion, focus on what you like, without looking too much that is natural or not. If you are accustomed to red lipsticks or smokey eyes and you don’t see yourself with things too natural choose what you like and that makes you feel beautiful, do not listen the other peoples’ preferences follow your own heart and mind.

I recommend doing the makeup tests wearing something white or the same colour as your wedding dress. It will give more of an idea of how your make up works with the dress.

Check it with all types of light, both natural and artificial. Be beware of silica-based powders, they can whiten the skin too much with the camera flashes.

Begin your makeup at the eyes and eyebrows. The rest of the makeup for the wedding day choices will follow this lead.

Use waterproof products and do not be afraid to intensify your usual make up. Sometimes in photos the too natural colours can disappear, as well as even a lipstick too neutral can diminish the lips

Now you are ready for your big day and also tear-proof!

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