Max.Tan breaks the rules

Let me be clear: I am a fan of oversized and geometric lines. That is why I wish to introduce you to a new brand; that of Max.Tan, a Singapore born designer.

Max.Tan the designer, who has won many fashion contests, has expressed right away his own philosophy of style via an architectural and minimal aesthetics, and by inaugurating his first flagship store in Singapore, where the brand’s soul and essence turned into reality.

max.tan minimal and geometric

The designer makes his key points clear on how he works to create his collections: his love for minimal and geometric shapes, which he enhances through over and unstructured volumes.

A great attention both on sartorial details and on the strong presence of technical experimentation and innovation emerges from his creations.

spring summer 2016 collection

His SS16 collection breaks the rules of stylistical continuity, breaking free from strict impositions and giving birth to true and unique unmatched creations.

How about you… Are you ready to break the rules?

Max.Tan Max.Tan Max.Tan Max.Tan Max.TanMax.Tan

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