mirkoProfession: Fashion stylist of trend consultant. Looking, watching, understanding, communicating. Dresses and accessories are my lyricist. The way in which they are interpreted are my narrative.

Hobby: I am a great fan of TV shows, I like to read the biographies of great people in history, especially the great women of the past. Music is the indispensable component of my life. I often wear my headphones and do long walks, watching people, the city, fantasizing about what I see.

Distinguishing marks: Being myself. I think the peculiarity is hidden in each of us.

Favourite style: I do not have a favorite style. I love to mix classic and elegant elements with other underground and street. I do not like to dwell on one alone: there are so many and beautiful, why not?

Favourite colour: Brown, gray/steel and gold.

My dream: If it’s a dream, why reveal it? The important thing is to realize it.