Sardinia was my fall destination, an island of history and extraordinary beauty. I had the pleasure to shoot an editorial with the photographer Federico Gaudino who showed me wonderful landscapes. I was impressed by the incredible nature’s colors sparkling in the sunlight and creating perfect settings for our photo shots.


I firmly believe in promoting our Country. There are many wonders in Italy and I think it’s important to illustrate them. An art director has the power to choose the imaginaries where to set their stories and Italy is full of magical places and inspirations. So, for this editorial, I decided to move to Sardinia, a land that thought I visited little I was sure would amaze me. And so it did!

Federico Gaudino knows very well his land and this has allowed us, in a single day, to take a tour of some of the most beautiful locations in southern Sardinia. We have traveled the hinterland by car; passing through quaint villages and lush Mediterranean vegetation you get to beaches embraced by an emerald blue sea, that leaves you breathless.

We took some pictures for the editorial in Villasimius, a really fascinating beach with rocks that seem to be carved by wind and water. The model wore large clothes to be able to move almost dancing, on the rocks, to the rhythm of the wind. Sometimes she would even look like a bird that lets herself in the airstream. She would often lie between rocky ravines as if they were a protection to her, as if they were a house to take care of.


From Federico Gaudino:

Instead of conforming the images, I preferred to express the unpredictable and wild nature of Sardinia. In my opinion it’s the very essence of this land that hovers between the extremes.

Fantastic sea, yacht tourism, but also and above all mountains and wild places populated by tough people, accustomed to having little, but with a big heart. A sort of yin and yang that I represented in the photos with the contrast between color and darkness.

I tried to work following my vision of Sardinia and represent this dualism by exploiting the weather changes that are always very sudden here.

Infact, the weather changed continuously throughout the day; the sky was clear and the sea was calm, but then suddenly the clouds gathered and, in the sea, there was the storm. This weather change, despite taking away some of nature’s colors, created a fascinating atmosphere that allowed us to tell a story: a story about freedom.

Fashion Stylist: Manuela Mezzetti
Photographer: Federico Gaudino
Make-up and hair: Ricciolo Style
Model: Francesca Pibi


Massimo Gramellini said: “Freedom cannot be explained. You can only breathe it without thinking, like air”. This sentence perfectly describes the emotions I felt on this trip. I felt free. Free to travel, to visit unknown places, to observe the sea, to breathe clean air, to admire sensational colors. How I wish I could always work in such places!

It was a wonderful experience, which I would like to repeat in the future. It would be very interesting to discover other aspects of this territory and to represent them with local professionals. This land has a lot to offer and I would like to tell all of it, maybe on a journey across the island in search of the most sensational and characteristic places.

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