Sustainable fashion: 6 start-ups in Slow Fashion

You hear about fashion and naturally you imagine clothes, A runway and maybe New York fashion week. The industry is more diverse than it may seem and definitely growing in sustainability. A fashion career could mean anything: from executing a glamourous fashion show from any corner of the world to managing a fashion magazine in favour of sustainability.

Keep reading! The following, details some careers any fashion forward individual can get into!

Fashion Designer: 

  • Maybe you are a young Vera Wang or Michael Kors. Maybe you are simply you with a creative mind and original ideas. A fashion designer creates millions of different clothing and accessories to sell to the consumer. You will enjoy studying fashion trends; sketching designs; selecting fabrics and colour and patterns and direct the final product
  • Typically, you will discover a sector of design such as Sportswear that is if interest to you

Fashion Photographer:

  • You may not design but you do love to capture beautiful dresses in the best light. A fashion photographer takes pictures of the clothes or accessories you see in magazines, advertising campaigns or catalogues.
  • You are in charge of visually selling clothes and accessories and convincing the audience of the appeal and wearability of your client’s clothes.




Fashion illustrator:

  • In this competitive fashion career, you will be sketching or painting a fashion concept using any form of artistic technique such as water colour or markers.
  • As you may be bringing to life a concept not yet seen, your job requires accurately bring ideas to life on paper that completely represent the brand you are illustrating for. Most fashion illustrators work freelance, but you will work very closely with fashion designers or art directors



Fashion Stylist:

  • A fashion stylist your love for visuals is communicated in the clothes you style. You could work for an individual, a fashion house or brand. You oversee co-ordinating an outfit for photoshoots for adverts and campaigns or perhaps, for television and movies.
  • You may choose to be a personal stylist, one that you client will put complete trust in to uphold their public image.
  • This pressurised role requires an individual who thrives on fast paced environments and communication and collaboration with others

Fashion writer:

  • The saying ‘passion for fashion’ is arguably appropriate here. This role requires you to be impassioned by the designer and have imagination and creativity to write about a collection
  • A fashion designer working for a magazine keeps their audience and the collection in mind. No matter how passionate you are about the collection and designer, would your audience relate?
  • Similarly, to an illustrator, you paint a picture of the collection in the readers mind as well as provide an opinion of the collection


Fashion retail manager:

  • One that may not come straight to mind when we think of fashion is the job of a fashion retail manager.
  • Perhaps not as glamorous as all the other positions are imagined to be, this role is for those who love to sell clothes as well as envision themselves in a leadership position. You would be required to oversee the sales staff at a clothing store as well as conduct interviews and hire and train new employees.



Fashion has a multitude of careers to offer… So who are you? What impact do you want to make in the fashion industry? With the constant growth of the fashion industry and the environment, whatever path you choose, choose sustainability.

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