Manuela Harvey

Manuela HarveyProfession: CEO of two models agency. Hair Models Agency, HMA, in London focused mainly in the Hair sector and Haute Models Group, HMG in US focused in Fashion and Talents sectors. I have recently become International associate for ‘Raine magazine’, which is  focused on fashion, technology and culture, inspiring future entrepreneurs like myself and Finally Manager of Nova Lorraine Collection for UK and Europe.

Hobby: I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and cultures. I love the cinema and enjoy films of all genres, particularly thrillers, and action.  My favourite sports are tennis and skiing of which I excel at both. Sometimes, when i’m feeling ‘rock n roll’ I relax….  Economist magazines.

Particular skill: I am able to combine a productive work life with a vibrant and colourful social life. I am a Libran and am able to balance these things harmoniously.

Favourite colours: My favourite colours are red because this reflects my passionate nature. I can also be fiery if so desired. I like white because this reflects my minimalist and down to earth personality.

Favourite style: A combination of refinement, elegance and simplicity.

Dreams in the drawer: Of course I am aiming for the stars! My dream is to first conquest my industry and then… the world! Veni Vidi Vici.