Welcome to: The Raine School of Fashion, Sustainability, and Innovation

The Raine School of Fashion is unlike any other education program in the world – combining an innovative sustainable curriculum with the newest podcast technology. Created by Manuela Nigro and Nova Lorraine last year, the school is now taking on board its first set of students in order to produce some of the finest new fashion industry talent. Education on sustainable fashion has never been so exciting, accessible, and eco-friendly.

After meeting back in 2017, Manuela and Nova have since formed a close working and personal relationship with one another. With their combined 40 years of business and fashion experience, Manuela and Nova had all the tools necessary to launch this new form of education.

Before working in the fashion industry, Manuela Nigro worked in trading commodities and business development for over 15 years. Although this experience was undoubtedly valuable, her desire to make an impact in the fashion industry remained strong, and eventually, she shifted her focus to this interest. In 2012, Manuela founded Hair Models Agency (HMA), which has worked with brands such as L’Oréal, Oribe, and Estee Lauder. HMA expanded to New York back in 2016, becoming an international company under the name of Haute Models Group. Manuela also co-founded ImageLab in 2019, a hands-on learning experience based in Manchester.

Nova Lorraine equally has an abundance of experience that has led her to where she is today. Initially believing she wanted to pursue a career in clinical psychology, Nova completed her master’s in the field. However, in what may seem to be an unconventional pivot, she went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her unique designs landed her with numerous awards such as Haute Couture Designer of the Year, and her work was shown in publications such as Italian Vogue. In 2007, Nova launched Raine Magazine – a media platform that aims to feature the next big names in fashion, culture, and technology. Her most recent achievement has been the launch of her book, ‘Unleash your Supernova’.

Most importantly, however, they both share an unrivaled love for sustainable fashion and the benefits to our planet that circular fashion practices can bring. Together, they wanted to combine their knowledge to create a meaningful educational experience that can help others to reach their potential. Every course is taught by industry professionals and entrepreneurs, ensuring that learning is of the highest standard for all students.

Courses currently available from The Raine School Include:

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Textile and Sourcing
  • Experts in Sustainability
  • Sustainable Home and Interior
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

With many more exciting courses on their way, The Raine School’s journey is truly only just beginning. Likewise, Manuela and Nova have much more up their sleeves that they cannot wait to share with the world soon!

To find out more about The Raine School you can visit https://www.theraineschool.com/ or, alternatively, follow the school on Instagram @theraineschool.

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Manuela Harvey

CEO of two models agency. Hair Models Agency, HMA, in London focused mainly in the Hair sector and Haute Models Group, HMG in US focused in Fashion and Talents sectors. International Associate of Raine magazine for UK and Manager of Nova Lorraine Collection for UK and Europe. http://www.hairmodelsagency.com http://www.rainemagazine.com Instagram: hmg_usa

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