Manuela Mezzetti


Profession: Fashion stylist and owner of Freelance Model & Fashion Events Agency. I started my career as a model. I fell in love with fashion and the amazing ways it allows you to play. And I’ve never been able to stop playing!

Hobbies: Reading books and magazines, watching movies, travelling, visiting markets and having fun with my family and my cats.

Distinguishing marks: I love creating stories in which I can merge grace, style and colours in harmony.

Favourite colour: White… as in The White Box! White, a colour which can both inspire tranquility and trigger my creativity.

Favourite style: I love experimenting. I am fascinated not only with the precious haute-couture materials, but also with the innovative style of young designers, free from marketing obligations. I love the futurist style, but also vintage and the unique items which bring memories from by-gone times. I like the androgynous style, but also femininity and elegance, which are the fundamental characteristics I seek in the models I work with.

My dream: To live in a society where one could work with the same peace of mind and passion as I did at the beginning of my career in the 1990s. I do hope the youth interested in the world of fashion could live the same experience again.