The impact of Covid 19 on 6 sustainable companies

We do not need to tell you about the current corona virus pandemic we are facing. The fashion industry has taken a massive hit as clothing sales and demand have plummeted and retailers have closed, according to the BBC. Both the fashion and beauty industry have moved to utilising their digital platforms as shops close in accordance with government announced lockdowns and guidelines. However, Covid 19 has taught many brands about the importance of the environment and people. Therefore, sustainable Fashion industries and beauty brands could possibly increase our chances of succession nationwide post pandemic.

But how exactly have companies remained sustainable and dealt with the blow of the covid crisis? Keep scrolling…


In terms of sustainability, Arket embodies the term in their simple and functional Nordic tradition inspired fashion. With an aim to make sustainable fashion accessible, 76% of their ready-to-wear outfits and accessories are sustainably sourced with a commitment to becoming 100% sustainable by 2030.

Unfortunately, in response to Covid, Arket and its sister company H&M have had to close their stores. However, sustainability is still within your reach as they are utilising their online shop. They are currently providing customers 45 days extension to return the product after reopening, if bought at a local shop now recently closed. If items were purchased on the website between the 4 November and 18 December, it can be returned until 31 January


This well-known fashion brand finds importance in sourcing more sustainable materials and ways to use less water. Their most sustainable design collection is WellThread and promise us much more to come in their journey towards complete sustainability. An example of their sustainable endeavours is in their puffer jackets which are now made from recycled plastic bottles and waste. Who knew wearing plastic bottles could look so good?

Due to the pandemic, Levi fell 62% in the recent quarter spurring their aim to reduce reliance on retailers and sell more directly to consumers.

However, this doesn’t stop Levi’s who have made sure to give back to the community by providing financial help for those who want to make the world a better place. They have donated to voting rights organisations such as Black futured Lab, Fair Count and more.

Within their stores, they have taken measures including quarantining in store returned items for 24 hours before returning it to the sales floor. They have also allocated 72 hours of quarantine for clothes bought online. Finally, items that needing repair at their tailor shop must be washed prior.


Gabriela Hearst

Following her mission for sustainability, the store was built using natural nontreated reclaimed oak; became plastic free using compostable TIPA packaging and cardboard hangers and in 2020, she produced the first carbon neutral runway show!

In June 2020, her company and Net-a-Porter teamed up together to help fight against the Covid 19 through the sales of their beautiful handbags. 20% of their profits went to save the children’s global Corona virus response fund standing by her aim to give luxury shopping a purpose

In Harper’s Bazaar, she claimed that post corona virus, Fashion needs to change noting that the pandemic and recent Anti-racism protests have forced fashion to recognise how it could be destroying our environment than helping it


Lush is a beauty brand that aim to completely get rid of packaging, providing their customers with the ability to take a product home without any form of packaging. Although, if this is not possible, 90% of their packaging is recyclable and the they are working on the remaining 10.

Despite the pandemic, Lush stores have been reopened, though they are open in line with the government guide lines. Like most stores, theirs have marked out one-way system and spaced intervals for queuing. Their English and welsh stores also have NHS track and race QR codes for customers to scan when entering; their staff have been provided with a face covering and they have increased their cleaning regime

However, in Canada, their staff have been laid off and their senior leadership teams have taken a 25% salary cut but its digital business has been growing due to the closures. What makes them different is the online training to prepare staff for their reopening and they have launched a virtual consultation service for customers to book online and discuss their product.

The body shop

Whilst being a feminine brand, they also embody sustainable values. Talk about embodying the 21st century! They constantly review their product packaging focusing on using fewer plastic materials by using more plastic and plant-based materials. In 2019, they introduced a recycling programme and removed 21 tonnes of plastic from their Christmas gifts. By 2025, they aim to be 100% recyclable but are currently on 68%.

Similarly to most shops, orders are taking longer than usual to arrive due to the restrictions in place. Although, they have extended their return policy by 60 days and are working closely with delivery companies to ensure contact free delivery. Their England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland stores are closed.

In response to the pandemic, Financial times have communicated that they have turned to employing self-employed sales consultants to ease the revenue loss from their closed stores due to the pandemic


True botanicals

The aim was to create skin care product that would not compromise the environment and people health. To do so, they focus on the ingredients of their products by prioritising certified organic and wild harvested ingredients. it is no surprise that they are the first beauty line to have been MADE SAFE certified, a nontoxic certification in the US!

We cannot ignore their giving back to the community during these times of struggle. They have donated 10% of their profits to a food bank in San Francisco. They also began a social campaign named #TRUTHREVEALED asking their followers to spread their message of anti-toxic messages to further create some positivity

Many brands have become digitised as a result of the pandemic and have cultivated optimising their online presence and relationship with their customers. Working with the body and the environment to produce and sell their products sustainable beauty and fashion industries are exemplifying why sustainability is the way forward and giving meaning to fashion and beauty other than a form of self-expression.

Want to join these brands in their move towards sustainability and further your career in fashion? Corsi Fashion provides virtual internships and online sustainable and branding courses. Give yourself something to do during this pandemic!

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