Beauty Routine – How to make your everyday regime more sustainable.

There is always a way we can become greener, even in our beauty routines. Our everyday ritual is performed naturally and whether our routine is sustainable usually flies over our heads. Now you are more eco-conscious it can be a daunting task to figure out how to make our beauty routines more sustainable. Below are 7 small and easy changes to make to your beauty regime for a big impact Packaging: Let’s start with buying products that have eco-friendly packaging. This is one of the easier changes. In fact most brands that are using sustainable packaging or no packing at all. Sustainable packaging means we can either reuse it or recycle it. REN clear skincare has dedicated themselves to sustainable packaging and have made their containers completely recyclable – their bottles are made from 80% recycled plastic and 20% plastic debris.Get rid of face wipes and cotton balls: Get rid of face wipes and cotton balls Face wipes clean away the majority of your make up, but they also strip your skin of the natural oils and imbalance your PH levels because of the chemicals they contain. When you throw away your wipes, you are unknowingly adding to the impact on our environment. An estimate of 7.6 billion pounds of wipes are thrown into the landfill every year equating to 1.3 billion wipes being thrown away A DAY! Invest in some re-usable face cleaners and reusable cotton pads. This guarantees a reduced usage of these products and less impact to our planet. Reduce your water usage: You may wonder how exactly to do that but many of us unknowingly let our water run whilst we brush our teeth or wash our faces. Simply turning of the water whilst we do these things saves so much water. Try using a cooler water to wash your face and whilst you take a shower. Hot water is known for damaging the skin. Specifically, it can dry and damage your skin as the keratin cells in our skins is damaged. Shop smartly from sustainable brands! I say smartly because the saying less is more is of high importance for a sustainable future. The more products we buy, we increase our consumerism which makes an impact on our environment. We want to also avoid irritating our skin. Our skin is unique and not every product is good for it so mass buying becomes pointless and damaging. However, the products we do buy, we should be aware of the impact the company and the product are making on the environment. Eco-friendly ingredients: The ingredients in our beauty products should be well and ethically sourced in order to be sustainable. Look for the fair trade and rainforest alliance logo on the packaging to identify if the products ingredients are ethical. So…What are you going to start doing?

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