Why cats love accessories? Ragdoll with shoes and handbags!


Have you ever wondered why your four-legged friends love your accessories so much?
We at My White Box were very curious about this behavior and we thought about re-introducing these curious habits into an editorial dedicated to them and especially to ragdoll!

Among pets, cats occupy a special place for their beauty, solemnity and elegance. It is their innate beauty that makes them so irresistible. Not at all the feline is the most charming animal of the whole animal world!

In this editorial in particular, a litter of sweet Ragdolls was chosen from the Bolognese breeding Principe della Torre by Donatella Luconi.
This litter of whitewashed white mussels has done very well, showing great interest and curiosity for shoes, bags and accessories. And as you can see from the photos, their curiosity does not stop here, but there is also a mousetrap, Kenzia, who decided to admire in her master’s purse mirror.

W the Pet Therapy!

Intriguing, seductive, ruffian, but incredibly fascinating, cats are always the most popular pet with their dog friends, and even if they sometimes do some marachella, how to resist those innocent giant eyes?!
Moreover, their talents do not end here because they are also very affectionate animals and, in particular, the Ragdoll breed, who could not live without his master, as he would end up dying for solitude. In fact, this very sweet specimen needs so much pampering and affection, perfect for those looking for a life partner!

According to some American studies, also just holding a cat decreases up to 17% levels of epinephrine, the hormone responsible for stress and increases endorphins and wins anxiety. It is scientifically proven that the presence of an animal improves the quality of life and helps to relate to others.


Photographer: Riccardo Passerini
Art Director: Manuela Mezzetti
Ragdoll: Principi della Torre by Donatella Luconi


Pages 1-2: King plays with vintage phone by Globe Theatre and papillon by COR SINE LAB DOLI

Pages 3-4: Kenzia and Kylie would like to dress Luisa Tratzi shoes

Pages 5-6: Edwin and the bags by Federica Berardelli and Quattromani

Page 7: Kentucky with Pas De Rouge shoes

Page 8: King with papillon by COR SINE LAB DOLI and vintage phone by Globe Theatre

Pages 9-10: King e Kasper are curious by Globe Theatre pouf and gloves Bruno Carlo

Pages 11-12: Kasper does not resist the fascination of Juhree Erba‘s backpack, bracelet and ring Co.Ro. Jewels

Pages 13-14: Kylie with Alessandra Zanaria hat

Page 15: Kenzia with Damiano Marini shoes

Page 16: King with Vaerso shoes

Pages 17-18: Edwin with Federica Berardelli, V°73 and Paloma Barcelò bags

Pages 19-20: Eve and the passion for Damiano Marini shoes

Ragdoll are so cute!

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