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Modelling classes: fundamentals for a glittering career

Poise, coordination and self-confidence are the 3 keys that could open the door to your dream: to be a model. Let’s go back to school with modelling classes!

How to wear a dress may seem like a simple thing but it’s one of the most complicated parts of this job! Awareness of what you wear is crucial to having a proper bearing. Each dress has its own story that the model needs to know to represent it as it deserves! That’s an important lesson in modelling classes.

If you think that a good bearing is important only on the catwalk you are wrong. Poise is required in every occasion and will be your best business card! A model with good bearing is never out of place and always suitable, wherever she is.

Essential for discipline

Modelling classes are essential for discipline and poise, key features for a job like the one you chose to do! From catwalks to editorials you must always be appropriate. Deportment, in some cases, is valued more than beauty, if you have a good bearing it makes you even more beautiful.

If you believe that you have what it takes but you lack one of these necessary features, I recommend that you start attending specialized modelling classes. You will see that it will be all uphill from then!


Self-confidence is the trait that will make you stand out from all others; you have to master it everywhere, on the catwalk, on a shooting set, wherever your presence is required. Never show yourself “insecure” or “weak”, even though sometimes the last thing you want is to look strong and invincible.

Diligence, perseverance and self-awareness will make you a requested model!

Before you venture into this world full of colors, but also with a lot of demands, do everything possible to get there ready!

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