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The makeup for the perfect selfie!

Are you an addicted to selfies? Whenever you post a photo on your social media do you always like to be perfect? The rules of the makeup for the perfect selfie.

By now the selfie with your smartphone has become a must, so here’s tips for all of you, some tricks that will make your picture unforgettable to make you stand out on your social networks.

mineral or powder foundation.

Firstly choose a mineral or powder foundation to avoid a glossy overall shiny effect, but illuminate the fundamental points of the face such as cheekbones, eyebrow arches and Cupid’s arch, blending very well to avoid the product being too noticeable.

On the cheekbones apply a blush in cream and blend well with the fingertips so as to create sculpted cheeks. Choose a gentle shade, if it’s too aggressive the final effect will be unpleasant in photos.

To enhance your eyes try to use a dark eye-pencil. Work it in at the base of the eyelashes and choose creamy eyeshadows if you want to intensify your eyes. Even a well applied eye-pencil is already an excellent way to give yourself a mesmerising look. You can if you want draw a line on the inner lash taking care not to make your eyes look small. Finally finish everything with volumising mascara, always check the coats, clogged lumps of mascara are unsightly.

Finally lipstick!

Choose light shades if you are not  a colour lover, but if you are brave enough be bold try a red. This shade always makes the photo glamorous!

Do not neglect your hands and much less your hair! A beautiful polish and brushed hair can give your selfie that premium look!

Remember that the selfies taken from above are the ones that always give excellent results, minimise the defects and make you look like a real star!

Now you’re ready! So let’s go with the selfie!

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Alessio Giovannelli

Makeup artist &Hair Stylist. Sono cresciuto con la passione per l'arte e la pittura e questo mi ha portato a cominciare la mia carriera prima nel teatro, poi nel cinema e infine nella moda. Da anni collaboro con varie case di moda , stilisti e magazine italiani ed esteri e la mia creatività nel creare look sempre molto attuali non mi abbandona mai!

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