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The brand Luisa Tratzi was founded in 2013 by its namesake designer from Turin, and it aims at creating real objects of desire! Luisa, after graduating in Fashion and Textiles at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, soon discovered a strong passion towards the shoe industry, which led her to conceiving and curating the exhibition “Scarpe! 150 anni di moda italiana in punta di piedi” (“Shoes! 150 years of Italian fashion on tip-toe”).

After this event, she realized that it is by designing shoes that she can channel her creativity and longing for experimentation.

Luisa Tratzi believes that shoes are small pieces of architecture merging aesthetics, comfort and engineering.

Luisa Tratzi made in Italy

The brand’s collection of these entirely hand-made shoes produced in Italy is the embodiment of excellent products where manufacturing, handcraft, technical and aesthetic skills elegantly bond together.

Their style is described by a play of contrasts and by balance between shapes and materials, in which the fusion between architectural and geometric structures finds in the silhouette an elegant and feminine touch.

My White Box loves Luisa Tratzi: In our last in-house shooting, Benedetta Rossi (blogger) wears the Nymphaea model!

Luisa Tratzi

If I were in your shoes… I would throw them away and fall for the next collection!

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